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RN with over 35 years of experience providing holistic care to clients of all ages and stages of wellness.  Wellness coaching incorporates a body-mind-spirit philosophy with practical tools,  individual goals and balance.  


Any change is possible and it begins with just a thought!

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RN providing one-to-one and group wellness coaching.  Certified personal trainer and health coach, Clinical Meditation and Imagery practitioner.  Certified Tai Chi - Easy Practice Leader.  End-of-Life Duola.  Extensive network of multidisciplinary practitioners for referrals.

Current deals:

Give the gift of well-being to yourself or someone else.  $5 off initial consultation.

Self-Care Suggestions:

Finding balance in all areas of your life

Remaining curious and open-minded

Connecting with nature

Daily gratitude reflections

Getting in touch with your "Inner Child" 

Physical movement every day 

Community service